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Fig Newton vs. Fig Bar 
8th-Jan-2007 08:52 pm
I purchased whole grain Fig Newtons along with Safeway brand whole grain fig bars and challenged some people with a taste test.

Participants ate one of each sample, then told me which one is better. I took mental notes. The experiment ended when my favorite sample was in the lead.

K: prefers Fig Newtons. Does not like the aftertaste of fig bars.

D: prefers Fig Newtons. Enjoyed the free snack.

Jo: prefers fig bars. He likes their texture more.

H: does not like fig anything.

Je: did not have a preference, but did insist that I get him a glass of water to take my test.

T: would not take my challenge with gum in his mouth.

S: prefers fig bar. She prefers the texture, but notes that Fig Newtons have a distinctive orange zest to them.

Me: fig bars.

The winner is Safeway brand whole grain fig bars, 3:2 against Fig Newtons. Future tests would include larger sample sizes. My personal preference is the fig bar, although I concur with S that the Fig Newtons have an orange zest, which I am fond of. Also, both samples are more stale today than at the time of the experiment, yet the Fig Newton more closely resembles its original consistency, a point in its favor. Fig Newtons are almost twice as expensive, making the fig bar far more attractive considering that differences in taste were found to be marginal.
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